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If you’d like all the additional features and assets in the full Platinum Package but don’t want the physical goods or simply want to save some money, we’ve created this option for you.

Platinum Lite has every asset in digital format and it includes:

FREE BONUS: Natural Tooth and Gum Tonics Recipe Guide

Simple, DIY remedies for common ailments. All of these recipes are without alcohol, refined sugars, parabens, and other nasty ingredients commonly found in store-bought oral care products.


There was so much we couldn’t fit into the near-10 hour documentary series. Here you get the full length interviews from our dentists, doctors and patients.

FREE BONUS: Natural Mouthwash Recipe Guide

Build an environment of healing in your mouth and boost your body’s immunity by lowering the pH levels in your oral biome.

AND... Get The Gateway Dental Success Kit

During the filming of the series, I tasked my team, under the supervision of my wife, Dr Elmira Shojai DDS to vet all of the products out there in the marketplace. We looked for biome-friendly products that will help enhance oral health and not use nasty chemicals...while also being effective. It’s one thing to “go natural” but what about results? My team put together a list of the very best products out there and then negotiated deep discounts for our members. That means when you purchase any of our packages, you get deep discounts with the companies we’ve vetted for you. We have several already and more are coming in each week. 15% here and 30% there on things you’re already spending money adds up! It's a way for us to support you back for supporting our work. Make sure you take advantage of this by purchasing any package!

YES! I want platinum lite!

Get Platinum Lite Now For ONLY $169

The Director’s Cut alone is well worth it!

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